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English translation Milena Kardaleva
Designer Galya Krasteva
ISBN 978-954-300-146-0
...In order to receive, Kashi, you have to give, and if you haven't learned that in your entire month of existence, this means that you have carried in vain this last generation TV they took our of your belly with a c-section, and Blackie's wisdom – after every last chance there is another last chance – is stupid wisdom, the formula is – after the worst there always comes something even worse, and after comprehending this truth you reassure yourself that being hungry and homeless is not the worst, there is the sadness of the wasted years when you swapped the printing housewithscrubbingfloors, there is the hat that you never take off – yet you can not hide under it because it is not an invisiblehatbut an idiot hat and let it roll with wind – there is this feeling of lack of sense and there is the loneliness you always feared more than waking up without a jam muffin and a place to live, if not next to the Presidency, than at least acrossthe disco in Studentski Grad, where there are more drug dealers then supermarketcashiers, but this is not the whole truth either, Kashi, first and foremost, in order to receive you have to give, in order to win, first you have to lose...