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Designer Galya Krasteva
240 pp
13,0 х 20,0 cm
ISBN 978-954-300-146-0
Hello, happy birthday?, ah, come on, you know we always got together at my place on this day, you brought girls, we danced, and on my twentieth birthday we had already flown across and about fifty or more of you showed up, but this is how things are in the South, you meet your friends and – where are you going?, and they are already ecstatic– to a fiesta, come with us – and you do not even pretend to hesitate – I’ve never even seen the birthday boy…, and you call your other friends, and not only have they never seen the birthday boy either, but this is also the first time they shake hands with your own friends, and the apartment is too crowded already, and the people hang on the street and shout from down there that the rum is all gone, but the lady doctor one floor up lent us a hand, she always kept several spare bottles, and when the last Coca-Cola drop was sucked up, the fifty chaps roared that they can’t stand the heat, and it was nighttime already and I started squeezing out orange juice and I emptied all the four cartons, which my father had stored to last us a week, and I knew that I’ll get in trouble for that, but I was turning twenty and I had fifty people over for my birthday, though I only knew about ten of them, but then we got back, and, who knows why, I stopped inviting you, and you rarely reminisced about that night when you shouted from the street for me to bring you the long gone rum, and I started telling myself, so what if I am not celebrating my birthday, who needs a birthday anyway, have I ever actually celebrated my birthday?, a day like all others it is, best not to think of it – I don’t have a birthday today, it is on such rare occasions that I have a birthday, I have never had a birthday, what do I need a birthday for when there won’t be fifty people attending, and I only know ten of them, but they make me squeeze out oranges, not only have I never had a birthday, I have never been born, you have never been born either, he has never been born and she has never been born, them too, no one has ever been born and won’t ever be born, because then they would have to celebrate their birthday, and what kind of a birthday is that when you have never been born, when no one has ever been born and won’t ever be born, alright, I am hanging up now, I don’t have a birthday and I have oranges to squeeze out…