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ISBN 978-954-300-115-6
Something is wrong, that’s how it seemed to me at first, ‘cause I stay in my tiny room all night, just a row of tiles above, and I am watching the sky, and then in the janitor’s room throughout the day, so what if I got a wooden leg? It looks like a curse and a hoodoo to drag it ineffectively along the stairs, neither diving down, nor flying up, and luck will never come your way in this mayfly life, but gradually you start to comprehend and keep your fingers crossed that professors would hasten in discovering the medicine, which would approximate us to the eons of sea turtles. Yet eventually you realize that science has it all wrong and now you will exclaim – how simple it actually was! But do not forget the thirty years of gazing at the stars each and every night. One morning, when the sky grew lighter, I said to myself – since it cannot be this way, why not the other way!, and I felt my wooden leg extending into a sea turtle flipper. You know that the year is nothing but a rotation of the Earth around the Sun, or several million kilometers. If we move it away a little, for one round it will go, let’s say, twice as many kilometers. So, for one year we shall live twice as long. If we move it to go three times as much, we shall live thrice as long, and so on. Thus the likelihood of luck coming your way shall double, triple and so forth and I shall no longer drag my wooden leg along the stairs, I shall dive and I shall fly and I shall know that as long as you have the time to wait, luck is bound to come. You are asking me how we shall move the Earth. Not to worry, there should be at least one more like me in town, but capable of constructive thinking, all I have to do is hint him the idea. So many people are having it bitter all their life, dragging from the ground floor to the attic and back.